I have always been artistic and creative, and for over 30 years now, a painter dedicated to the creative process. When in the process, I am totally focused and spontaneous in a way that is very liberating, and time seems to stand still. This is what attracted me to painting, especially plein air landscape painting. I enjoy working very quickly, sometimes on location, gradually building layers of color and texture to mimic nature. Some paintings are later finished in the studio as not to contaminate the fresh qualities achieved on location… VIEW GALLERY


I am a perceptive, experienced, and highly trained nationally certified massage therapist, who for the last 20 years have helped thousands of people in my private practice as well as in Chiropractic and Osteopathic offices, Athletic Clubs, and Spas. Using my intuitive abilities in conjunction with my specialized assessment skills and bodywork techniques, I assist people in overcoming acute and chronic pain and dysfunction, and returning to a healthy and balanced lifestyle…


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